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A Revealing Insight

Posted on 18 Jan 2020 @ 1:29pm by Lieutenant Leland Hawksley
Edited on on 18 Jan 2020 @ 1:33pm

Mission: Episode 3- Crime and Punishment
Location: Chief Engineers Office
Timeline: 2389/09/10 1340 hrs

Sitting at his desk, Leland pondered his situation. He was being charged for assault and rightly so. He did assault Anjar. In the reality of events, it had come down to a brawl that started with Leland feeding Anjar his knuckle sandwich.

He should not have jumped to action when his anger hit. He wasn’t an angry man, just to Anjar he was.

The 31-year-old engineer's attention was focused on fiddling a small hockey stick and mini black puck, back and forth. Even for a little game, Leland was good with his hockey skills off the ice rink.

“I should have just left.” He shook his head. “I never do just leave.” He slowly let his head drop to the desktop.

“Computer. Bring up surveillance records for the medical suite office.” Leland rubbed his forehead as he lifted his head from the luke-warm metal desk to view his desktop computer.

“Uh. Bring up…” He snapped his finger. “Bring up time stamp 2389/08/06 1630 hrs.”

= Searching… = The Engineering computer replied.

As this happened, Leland leaned long back into his swivel chair. He turned to his left, only to glance at a picture framed of Leland’s parents. He had meant to send his parents a reply to their messages. They knew he was busy.

= Surveillance Records. Playback time index 1630 – 1645 hrs. Sickbay office. Petty Officer 2nd Class Amelia Wilde. First Petty Officer Kala Anjar. =

“Computer. Play.” Leland’s curious eyes searched the scene.

Quoted from “The Follow-Up”

"You haven't had much attention from men," Anjar stated and leaned against the biobed, hands resting on either side of him.

Amelia felt herself blush even hotter than she had before. "I...err....How do I....answer that?" She looked at Anjar. Right now she was feeling pretty confused, attracted and a whole lot more.

"You don't have to," he said, straightening himself and standing at his full height. Anjar took a step towards her. He grinned as he looked down on her, his head tilted to the side. He reached up and removed his earring, setting it on top of his clothes. "Although, I'm beginning to think you just want me out of my clothes," he said, quietly.

"What woman wouldn't find you attractive?" Amelia smiled as she tried not to show interest but her rapid breathing was probably giving away just how she was feeling about the situation. "We should getting on with your err....physical." She found herself staring into his eyes, wanting to pull away but somehow failing to do so.

"We probably should," he whispered. Anjar glanced from her blue eyes down to the shape of her lips and backed up again. "I know that look," he said, then added, "Computer, lock door. Kala-Beta-One-Seven-Zero-One-Delta." He reached up and ran the fingers of his left hand along her jawline, his touch lingering just below her earlobe for a few seconds. "Have you ever been with a Bajoran before?" he asked, curiously.”

… “Wow.” Lieutenant Hawksley was astonished. Not only was he witnessing his girlfriend cheating on him for the first time since Amelia cheated twice more for a total of three times on Leland.

“Ok. So,” He watched the view screen show the two amorous. Actions and words were communicated in this scene. Amelia in no circumstance, stated she physically wanted Anjar to touch her, to engage her. She said several times the opposite.

“How do I answer that?” Leland laughed incredulity. “Amelia, you sound incredibly uncomfortable did you want this? Starfleet considers consensual sex; consensual.” Anjar was pushing his pants down in a heartbeat.

“We should be getting on with your physical.” Amelia was re-directing the purpose of the visit. The objective wasn’t sex and she didn’t want it, from his perspective. If Amelia did, then the charges should be dropped on Anjar. It was Amelia’s conundrum to fix, Leland was sadly a casualty for acting out on what happened.

“WHAT. You locked the Nurse in the room. You locked the door and advanced her while you were stripping your clothes. You sleazy officer. That’s against someones will right there. Intention to lock a door and advance. He’s sick. You don’t treat a Lady that way in courting another man's girl.” Hawksley growled at the whole situation that he had been caught in. Now he could care less.

“Computer.” He shook his head. “Copy time indexes played. Send to appropriate authorities for Petty Officer 2nd Class Amelia Wilde’s legal case.”

Leland got up when the Surveillance footage was forwarded to Ne’Tel, Rael, and Greystone.

“I’m getting a drink and finding someone to have consensual sex with.” He snorted and cracked his knuckles. Leland went to a bar on the holodeck.


Lieutenant Leland Hawksley
Chief Engineer, USS Atlantis


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