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A tough decision made

Posted on 23 Jan 2020 @ 6:02am by Lieutenant Zuub & Chief Petty Officer Kala Anjar & Petty Officer 2nd Class Amelia Wilde
Edited on on 23 Jan 2020 @ 10:05am

Mission: Episode 3- Crime and Punishment
Location: Amelia's quarters
Timeline: 2389/09/09 2100 hrs

Amelia had sat for the last three hours dwelling on her situation, she'd lost her baby, Leland, and left Anjar facing a uncertain future. She felt like she'd caused everyone pain and had been punished with the loss of her baby. Her mind was made up as she wrote the note and left it on the coffee table before she slowly stood up and made her way to the bathroom, pausing just long enough to grab a sharp item out of her own medical bag which was lying on the floor by the main door.

Reaching the bathroom she stepped into the shower, she turned on the sonic shower and sank down onto the floor before quickly and deliberately ran the sharp scissors over her wrists. Being a nurse she knew just how to do the job properly as her blood started to run onto the shower floor, it wouldn't take long so she simply lay down and waited for her life to end.

It was a feeling. Something in the pit of his stomach. It had been a couple of nights since she had came to his quarters angry and before one thing led to another. What she had said then had worried him and after not hearing from her opted to stop by. He paused outside the door and looked around. The last thing he needed right now is someone spying him entering her quarters. He rang the chime once and waited. There was no answer and he pressed it again, with the same result as the first time. Anjar frowned. "Computer, locate Petty Officer Wilde," he asked.

"Petty Officer Wilde is in her quarters," came the response.

He pressed the chime a couple more times. "This is going to look bad..especially if I have to do this-" he muttered as he uttered his security code to override the locked door. He glanced around the small room but heard the sonic shower running. "That explains a damn lot," he said, debating whether or not he should just leave. But he still had a bad feeling about something. Something was off. He'd explain himself later, he said as he entered the shower area. "Amelia-" he said, "-I'm just.." He froze as he say her prostrate sitting at an awkward angle on the floor. "Kala to Sickbay..medical emergency in Wilde's quarters," he said, quickly tapping his commbadge. He rushed forward, pausing the shower as he hurriedly removed his jacket and used it to staunch the flow of blood.

Amelia was barely conscious as she looked at Anjar. "Anjar?...just let me go...please!!!" She would have tried to move away from him but she was too weak to put up a fight. "You'll be...better off without me!!"

"Medical emergency" were the only words that it took for Zuub to spring into action. While Zuub had not been a strong student at the academy, due to her obsession with play, and it taking priority over her studies, Zuub came from a long line of fighters. And nothing shook a fighter, whether medical or military out of a stupor like having one's attention called. For a doctor, that was the words, "Medical emergency." Prior to this, Zuub had found a new medical instrument and was pondering all of its non-medical uses in play.

Within seconds, Zuub was at Wilde's door with medical tricorder in hand. She opened the door, which had already been overridden by someone. She wondered if she was in for something dangerous. She heard the sonic shower running and Amelia's weak voice. Heading into the bathroom, Zuub towered over Amelia and Anjar. "I think somebody had better quickly explain this situation." The medical tricorder was out but not yet scanning either Amelia or Anjar.

Amelia made no attempt to move, if she’d have been strong enough she’d have moved away from help but as it was she’d lost a considerable amount of blood. Her skin was deathly pale and she was rapidly losing consciousness, right now she didn’t care enough to want to fight death.

"I found her like this, Doctor," he said, before she assumed that he had something to do with it, considering they were still in the middle of the investigations. He realized when the Andorian doctor hesitated what it must have looked like to her. From his crouched position beside her, he looked up and behind him at her before he moved out of the way. "It's not what you think."

Amelia looked up at Zuub with just enough strength to say a few words that confirmed what Anjar had told Zuub. She didn't want him blamed for this happening to her. With that she lost consciousness.

Zuub made no judgments at this moment. She had a patient and she was going to do whatever she could to make sure that Amelia healed. Pulling out her medical tricorder, she noticed that Amelia was losing blood drastically. Time was of the essence. She alerted the computer, in her soft, wispy unemotional voice, =^=Computer, emergency medical transport myself and Ms. Wilde to sickbay immediately. I want Ms. Wilde on a biobed.=^= No sooner than she had finished her sentence, Amelia was on a biobed and Zuub was tending to her.

Blood trailed from Amelia's wrists. The job was done professionally. Amelia was trying to kill herself in the quickest and most painless way possible. Working quickly, Zuub used a dermal generator to knit back the fibers of her muscle and skin. It was a delicate job but a good twenty seconds on each wrist and Amelia was no longer in imminent danger of death. However, her blood counts were low. A transfusion might be necessary if her body was weakened too much.

The Andorian's antennae thrashed about confused. She asked her nurse only one question: "Why?"

Amelia stirred as she heard Zuubs voice. "Why?" Her voice was just a whisper. "Because I have...nothing left!" Tears ran down her cheeks. "No Leland! baby!!" Her eyes fell on Anjar as he appeared in the background. "I've ruined...everything!!"

Anjar stood off to the side, his hands shoved unceremoniously in his pockets. His uniform jacket was ruined. He'd have to replicate a new one before he went back on shift. He wondered why he followed her down here. For what reason? She wasn't dying. Not anymore. Zuub made sure of that. Then why? He frowned when she turned her eyes on him. But it wasn't his name that she called out. So why? He'd always be somebody's afterthought. That was it. He shook his head. Maybe Lisa had been right and he should have just stayed the hell away from this. He shook his head a second time before wordlessly turning on his heel and walking out of sickbay. The Bajoran didn't even bother a backwards glance. What would have been the point?

Amelia watched Anjar go, he knew how she felt but after everything she'd put him through she didn't feel he deserved to be put through anymore because of her. Instead she simply let him go that was what love was, a willingness to let someone go because they'd be better off without you. With the trial looming Anjar was in enough trouble as it was and it was all her fault.


Chief Petty Officer Kala Anjar
ACSO/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Zuub


Petty Officer 2nd Class Amelia Wilde


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