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Where is Everyone?

Posted on 12 Jan 2020 @ 2:28pm by Lieutenant Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant Keri Kelea

Mission: Episode 3- Crime and Punishment
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 2389/09/10 1241 hrs


The scene was a quiet one as Leland stepped off the turbo lift and walked on the Bridge. He turned to see Lieutenant Keri Kelea seated in the Captain Rael’s command chair.

“The Captain’s gone, and all the counselors get to play!” He chuckled. "Seriously, everyone is gone? Where?" He didn't get the memo.

"Down there" Keri nodded to the view screen. "The Captain has decided to go and have some fun on the surface."

“Have we had an update from the away team, are they finding anything awesome down there?” Leland had a hint of wishing he could get off the ship. He hadn’t even had the chance prior; when everyone was on shore leave, he was updating the Atlantis drive cores.

Assuming the Engineering console, Leland tapped in a few LCARs with his large fingers to connect the work he was completing to the main bridge computers.

Turning back to Keri, he gave a slight smile. “What does it feel like to be in the Captain’s chair?” He grunted and winked.

"I think I'd class it as...weird yet enjoyable somehow!" She offered a grin as she looked at Leland. "How goes Engineering? I take it we're in good condition incase of any unexpected surprises?"

"Engineering goes well Ma'am." Leland smiled back and then looked back at his LCARs. He tapped a few buttons. He watched the screen in front of them, the planet below an ever changing masterpiece of colour.

"DPE Ma'am, Dilithium Plasma Efficiency factor a total of..." He squinted his eyes waiting for the perfect change in numbers. "0.977 millescrands of flow." He proudly reported.

"I'd say from the proud look on your face that is an Excellant reading!" Keri grinned. "I'll be sure to let the Captain know when he gets back onboard." She turned her attention to the viewscreen. "Is there anything else we can surprise him with that you can think of?"

"Question is should we?" He furrowed upward his left eyebrow. "Keri, do we leave a gift basket on his desk of chocolate or something?" He shrugged joking to his self. "What sort of surprise?"

"Do we have any outstanding repair jobs or anything else that needs to be done?" Keri looked at Leland. "I don't want anything done that's likely to cause us any problems, last thing we need is to be caught out if we get any unexpected visitors."

Leland tapped at the Atlantis master system operations from the bridge. The readouts all optimal. "Lieutenant, I have a less than 88% port side array efficiency." He breathed outward visibly annoyed. "Just fixed those damn emitters a week ago..."

"An Engineer's job is never finished, Keri!" Leland chuckled. He closed his station. "Can you keep me updated on the Away Team?"

"Of course Lieutenant." Keri nodded and offered a smile. Perhaps this time on the bridge wasn't going to be so bad after all.


Lieutenant Keri Kelea
Chief Counsellor


Lieutenant Leland Hawksley
Chief of Engineering, USS Atlantis


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