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Awkward Morning Conversations

Posted on 29 Nov 2019 @ 6:00pm by Captain Yulin Rael & Lieutenant Keri Kelea

Mission: Between the Pages (S1)
Location: Captain Rael's Quarters / Corridor / Ready Room
Timeline: 2389/09/08 0752 hrs


Keri stood outside Yulin's quarters she didn't really need to inform him about her personal relationships but she felt the need to be honest with him especially as both she and Ne'Tel were senior officers. She pressed the chime and waited for an answer.

Yulin had awoken a half-hour earlier. After a nice hot shower, he had dressed in comfortable civilian clothes and sat eating breakfast with Cass, a PADD with morning reports in hand, when the door chimed. He called for the person on the other side to come in.

Keri smiled as she walked inside, she couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed too as she had no doubt that Yulin would have felt the emotion coming from her when she was making love with Ne'Tel. "Hi Yulin, can we talk?"

“Sure,” he replied. He finished the last bite of his toast, stood, kissed his wife on the cheek (who gave him a smile), and gestured to the door. “I’m still off duty for a few hours, but I'm meeting Yeoman Westaway in a few minutes for a priority meeting. Walk with me to my office and we’ll talk there?”

Keri nodded and smiled. “Of course.”

The door to his quarters opened and the two officers stepped out into the corridor.

As they walked Keri couldn’t help but feel a little awkward, something she didn’t usually feel around Yulin at all. “So did you...” She wondered how best to word her question. “Feel anything from me after I left you and Cassandra in the holodeck yesterday?”

Yulin couldn’t help but chuckle. “Why yes, I did, Keri. So there I was, maybe fifteen minutes after you’d left. At the edge of the sea, looking my wife in the eye as we made love. When suddenly I feel an entirely new source of pleasure. Now, I wonder what might’ve happened there? Either you got back to your room and took matters into your own hands, so to speak, or ran into someone along the way home.” He playfully nudged his old friend in the shoulder as they approached the stairwell up to deck 1.

“You could say that!” Keri nodded. “I bumped into Ne'Tel and things got pretty...passionate from there!” She offered Yulin a wry smile. “Thing is...something’s happened between Ne’Tel and I that neither of us were expecting.”

"Oh?" Yulin asked. "Do tell."

Keri gave her friend a warm smile. “Ne’Tel and I have developed a bond. It’s...different to the one you and I share yet it’s powerful. I can’t explain it but Ne’Tel is willing to take me as his mate and I feel drawn to him in a way I can’t explain.”

"Um, Keri," Yulin said, a bit uncomfortably as they walked up the stairs. "You know he's married, right?" The door ahead of them opened and they stepped out onto the bridge. "Let's continue in my Ready Room a moment. We'll have some privacy until Lisa arrives."

Keri nodded and waited until they were in the office before continuing. "Yes I know." She took a seat in a chair. "Ne'Tel feels that if I can provide his wife with a logical enough argument that she will release him from their marriage, allowing me to become his new wife." She knew it sounded completely crazy.

Yulin sat at his desk and ran his hands over his face, through his hair, and back down along his neck. He took a deep breath. He thought back to that diplomat he knew on the Saturn -- what was his name? -- who had the arrangement with his wife. He personally couldn't imagine being with anyone other than Cass for the rest of his life. Ne'Tel was willing to leave his wife of many years, the mother of his children, so that he could be with Keri forever. It was his choice, of course, but it didn't stop him from having feelings on the matter. "This is a big step, Keri. As your friend of course I'm there for you every step of the way. But please don't do this lightly."

“Yulin...” Keri paused to think how best to explain. “When Ne’Tel and I made love, we made a connection the likes of which I’ve never felt! My connection with you was and is amazing but I can’t explain the sheer...intensity of feeling that Ne’Tel puts through his connection with me.” She gave her first love a warm smile. “I can feel Ne’Tel even now, the feelings he feels buried underneath that Vulcan exterior and I feel love from him.

Yulin stayed silent, nodding as he listened.

“There’s also Pon’farr to deal with in a few years time, Ne’Tel thinks with the proper time and training I’ll be able to withstand the bonding that Pon’farr requires to be satisfied. At the moment I’m not strong enough it would harm the baby too so he’s been careful not to funnel too much emotion through our bond.”

“Well, that’s a plus,” he replied. “Speaking of bonds, what will this mean for ours? I love you, Keri, you know that, and that won’t change. But I’m not sure how much sex with Ne’Tel I can take.” He gave her a wry smile.

Keri grinned at Yulin’s comment about Ne’Tel before becoming more serious again. “To be honest...I’m not sure what’ll happen with our bond Yulin but if it does change I’ll miss it very much!” She reached out and very gently placed her hand on his cheek. “You meant the universe to me when we were together Yulin, I’d have given up everything for you and you know that. It’s thanks to you letting me go that I have this career and the life that I do but I still wish we could have done all this together.”

“There’s an alternate universe,” Yulin said, “where Yulin and Keri, both very different people than we are, are very happy together. But we’re both very happy as we are now, too. And I am very happy that you’ve found someone special in Ne’Tel.” He grinned. “We should have dinner sometime. You, me, him, Cass. How does that sound?”

"I think that sounds wonderful." She smiled warmly. "I'll mention it to Ne'Tel and see if he likes the idea."

"Please do." The door chimed, and Yulin called for it to open. Lisa stood at the door, with a pair of fresh coffees in hand, something Ethan brewed that morning. "Duty calls. Let's try for two days from now. 1900, my quarters." He waved the Yeoman inside.

“Sounds good to me” Keri smiled warmly. “I’d best be getting on anyway. I’ll see you later Yulin.”


Captain Yulin Rael
Commanding Officer, USS Atlantis

Lieutenant Keri Kelea
Chief Counsellor, USS Atlantis


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