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A dark place

Posted on 23 Sep 2019 @ 4:10am by Petty Officer 2nd Class Amelia Wilde & Lieutenant Leland Hawksley

Mission: Between the Pages (S1)
Location: Hawksley's Quarters
Timeline: 2389/08/16 2000 hrs


Amelia was lying in Leland's bed cuddled up in the arms of the man who'd come to mean a great deal to her in a very short space of time. He'd accepted that she might become one of those impregnated by the Rall's breeding slaves and had vowed to support her nonetheless.

Tears ran down her cheeks pooling on Leland's chest as she tried to keep silent and pretend all was okay, but the fact that she was taken by force by a man she didn’t know was painfully real and the memory was raw. She kept quiet for as long as she could before she openly sobbed her heart out as she clung to Leland. Letting out all the pain that had been buried inside since the day she was attacked.

Leland felt terrible over the situation. He hated nothing more than to see his perfect lady cry. He gently did his best he knew how to offer her comfort and support.

Deep seeded emotional welling's were heard when his voice crackly stated “It will be tough, we will get through this though together.” He slowly nodded and kissed at Amelia's head.

He felt her wet tears.

Amelia cried until she felt like she couldn’t cry anymore, eventually crying herself to sleep in a wet puddle on Leland’s chest. She didn’t know how long she slept but when she awoke she was lying on the pillow and Leland wasn’t next to her. She shot up and looked around relieved to see him changing his shirt. “I were gone!” Her voice was pretty hoarse and her eyes were pretty sore from all the crying.

The situation was abhorrent. Of course Leland was extremely fuming on the inside. The Rall left nothing but terrible pain and wounds for the Atlantis and its crew.

They violated his woman, his companion, his best friend. Amelia was now left shattered, which was a trial to pick up the pieces.

“I am not going anywhere.” Hawksley offered a slightly tired smile. He was enduring for them both right now. Amelia was the one who was violated physically, Leland only emotionally, but he still was cross.

“I’m sorry. I haven’t given thought to how you feel.” She sat with her head resting on her knees. “You’re supporting me through all this and I know how I’d feel if I was in your place!” She sighed. “Knowing your girl was...taken against her will and could yet be pregnant.”

Leland sat beside Amelia on the bed. He breathed inward deep and then exhaled. “You know very well. I could have destroyed those animals for you.” Fire flashing in his eyes.

“I do not care…” He thought it through. “If it is some alien DNA. It would not matter because it would be a child from you. That is enough to make it ours.” He sat, trying to deal with the emotions between them both.

" would have wanted the baby too?" She looked at Leland in surprise, not that it truly surprised her as he was a very caring man. She cuddled up to him feeling safe in his embrace. "We'll get through this, as long as I have you I can do it!" Her eyes focussed on his now healed hand. "I'm sorry they did that to you!!"

Leland smiled as he felt Amelia nuzzle up against his chest and body, her warmth intoxicating. He wraps his massive arms around her slender frame, laying beside him.

“Things happen for a reason whether we like them or do not. Whether we can have control or have none over them.” He shrugged. Lt. Hawksley was someone that did not like to brood over past incidents.

Accept for his hand. Amelia brought it up. He growled as he flexed his middle index fingers. “That… That Nightmare, he ate my fingers. He was hungry. I can still feel the sheers of his teeth pulling my flesh off of my bones, only to have the two cracking, shattering and being mashed into his mouth and swallowed.” Leland shuddered almost a PTSD sickness of the situation.

Amelia felt his shudder. "No don't..." She gently lifted her head and reached her hand gently to his face. "Don't think about it." She lovingly stroked his face. "You saved me Leland, you're the only thing keeping me from going crazy right now. Let me be there for you too."

Leland smiled. “Baby, your always my biggest cheerleader.” He took her hand and then gently kissed it. “After this, I think we need a bit of alone time, for us together, we need to process this past mission.” Not just them, but everyone on the Atlantis who served admirably.

Amelia nodded. "I'd like that. Just some time for us to be together." She lay her head back on his chest and held him close to her. "I need to get back to work Leland at least until we get some shore leave! It's driving me crazy staring at the walls in here!"

Leland agreed. “As long as Dr. Zuub thinks that is best. It might just be good.” He let his free hand caress the light skin of Amelia’s side as he breathed outward, and let his frame rest against the headframe.

“We didn’t need to make contact with them.” He furrowed his brow in disgust.

He sighed at Starfleet, sometimes so naive. “We always have to make contact.”

"That's what Starfleet is all about, if we don't make contact how do we know?" She gently ran her fingers over his chest. "All I know is we all went through hell and hopefully we"ll come back from that stronger than before." She held onto him. "Leland if I....wake up screaming just promise me you'll be there to hold me."

Hawksley processed inside that Amelia was deeply traumatized, and that she probably should see a counselor for help.

“I won't go anywhere Amelia.” He shrugged. "Maybe if to get a shirt, that's a hall pass." Trying to see her smile, not sure if it is all too much, but he had to try.

Amelia offered a small smile, she could tell Leland was trying to cheer her up. “I still have the investigation with Anjar to face, I’m not sure how I’m going to do it.” She sighed before perking up. “This isn’t me Leland, I have to be strong.”

Leland felt the Anjar situation was a moot point now. He felt that this situation was something to be a he-she said. Leland was more than confident that his lady Amelia had nothing to do untoward of the situation.

“It is going to come, but it will go. Anything said means nothing to me, my Love.” Leland held Amelia's forearm close to him as he rubbed it. “I am beyond this whole Anjar thing.” He mused. “Shall I get in a shuttlecraft alone with him in the future. Maybe cause for concern.” He shrugged.

There was a slight glimmer of a smile as Amelia looked up at Leland. "As long as I have you I can face anything." She lay her head back on his shoulder. "You make me feel safe and after everything we just went through you protected me. I won't forget that."

Leland felt just as horrible inside. He didn't protect her. It were immensely out of his control, yet he still beat him self over not having saved her from a rape planet side. When they were returned to each other by the Rall, is the only real work he contributed to having them and the crew safe. "Everyone worked their part Babe, that's how we got out of it." Leland truly did believe his statement.

"I wonder where we will go next? What will we see?" A spark of a glimmer in his eye was realized as the ship was at warp speed passing planetary stars and nebula.

Amelia couldn’t help but smile at the change of tone in Leland’s voice. “I don’t know but as long as I have you to share it with it’ll be magical for me!”

Hawksley just held his self together. What Amelia said was immensely refreshing and how Leland had felt about her too. He closed his eyes, having physically and mentally drained for so long.

Amelia cuddled up in Leland's arms and closed her eyes too. At least now they could rest knowing they were safe from harm.


Petty Officer 2nd Class Amelia Wilde

Lt. Leland Hawksley
Chief Engineer, USS Atlantis


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