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The Principal's Office

Posted on 30 Sep 2019 @ 1:50pm by Commander Yulin Rael & Lieutenant JG Ne'Tel

Mission: Episode 2- What's Lost Is Found
Location: USS Atlantis - Captains Ready Room
Timeline: 2389/08/18 1300 hrs


Ne'Tel tapped the door chime for the Captains ready room. Ne'Tel was unsure why he had been summoned to the Captain's ready room. Though, given the recent fight with the Rall, he suspected it had something to do with an after action review. Surely the Captain wanted to go over the ships combat performance. Never the less, he would know soon enough. Once he herd the invite to enter, he walked in and went to attention at the Captains desk.

"Captain Rael, Lieutenant Junior Grade Ne'Tel reporting as ordered, sir", Ne'Tel said in what was becoming his customarily flat tone.

"Mr. Ne'Tel, please come in," Yulin said, gesturing to the seats in front of his desk. "Take a seat. Can I get you something to drink?" Ne'Tel didn't realize that this meeting had two purposes, one mostly positive, the other...less so.

"No, thank you captain", Ne'Tel replied as he took a seat. He sat in a firm ridged posture as he continued, "How may I be of assistance Captain?"

"Two things," Yulin answered from his own seat. "We'll start from the top. Our battle with the Rall. We escaped, with some casualties admittedly, but we escaped. I want your report of the fight. How did we do? How can we improve?"

"Looking at the incident from a strictly logical stand point we did well. We were greatly out numbered and facing an attack from an avenue we had never faced an attack from. The only improvement I would suggest is to add a quick lock out for the main computer core and primary systems. Our lock out took entirely too long, in my tactical opinion, sir", the Vulcan replied.

Yulin nodded. "Rapid lockouts. Makes sense. Work with Commander Greystone to implement it. T'Para's nadion particle strategy to confuse the Rall ships' sensors was brilliant, and you executed it very well. I want that to be a ready-to-deploy tactic."

"Yes sir", Ne'Tel answered.

"I should also tell you," Yulin continued, "that I'll be offering young Mister Verok some additional opportunities and responsibilities. As he has been working in your department, I thought you should know first."

"That is logical Captain. Is there something specific you would like me to focus on with him, sir", Ne'Tel asked?

"He needs discipline, but he also needs responsibility," Yulin answered. "He proved that he's capable when the going gets tough, but that's not enough. He needs to prove that he can be relied upon, with consequences for failure. Speak with Commander Greystone."

"Of course captain", Ne'Tel answered, "I shall do what ever I can to encourage such behavior."

"There's one last thing I want to discuss with you," Yulin added. "I was trying to finish some paperwork that I'd begun prior to the Rall Affair, and one of them was about another affair of concern."

Ne'Tel raised an eye brown and cocked his head slightly to the side, "Do you require me to address a crew member for a breach of protocol, Captain?"

"That's what I'm doing right now, actually," Yulin said, looking the man across from him in the eye. "Tell me, do you think it was appropriate to have a sexual encounter with the Counselor, during a counseling session, while on duty?"

With out any obvious change in expression or tone Ne'Tel replied, "No sir. I regret that happened the way it did. I only ask that you not hold that incident against the Counselor, sir. It was... not something she initiated or encouraged, Captain."

"Mr. Ne'Tel," Yulin said, his voice raised, "I do believe it takes both people to agree to a sexual encounter. She could have stopped it at any time. Unless you're confessing right now to assaulting Counselor Kelea, in which case I'll demand your commbadge, sidearm, and possibly your commission. But that's not the way I understand it happened. Nevertheless, the consequences for Counselor Kelea are not your concern."

"It was not forced, no captain", Ne'Tel began, "However, there was a... mental aspect which I believe impaired the Counselor's 'better judgment'. It is... a sort of infliction that I struggle with, sir." Ne'Tel was hiding the overwhelming and Earth shattering embarrassment he felt at his admission.

"Apparently," Yulin said, arching an eyebrow at the man. "Your file makes reference to one or two incidents on the Bozeman, and one on the Lexington, but I can't access the details. Your CO and medical personnel apparently saw fit to keep them off the books. I'm not quite so inclined. As for the Counselor's better judgment, that isn't your call to make."

"I understand sir", Ne'Tel began, "as for those incidents. Neither of them were on duty and the details pertain to the fact neither of the women involved were mentally prepared for the bond that was formed. None of the women were permanently harmed, and none of the incidents happened as the incident with the Counselor did, which is the reason the incidents were kept out of my permanent record as more than just a note. I have sense developed more of a mental 'valve' to insure such harm will not happen again. As for the incident with the Counselor... it was unintended. As I said before, I regret that it happened in the manner it did and I understand and will submit to what ever discipline you deem necessary, Captain."

"Ne'Tel," Yulin began, "I will be leaving a note in your file of the same type as your other COs have. I'll also be leaving a note in your medical record that is more precise. Only command, medical, and counseling staff will have access. This is a less severe punishment than you may think is warranted, but I'm actually of the view that Ms. Kelea is more at fault as a medical professional who had sex with a patient during an exam. You say she wasn't mentally prepared, but I know her very well, probably more than you realize. Her mental shields are strong. She wanted it, too. I will also be requiring that your counseling sessions be recorded for the next six months. These will be similarly classified, but they can and will be used for disciplinary action if anything untoward happens again." His expression and tone softened. "Ne'Tel, I don't have an issue with you having consensual relations with other crewmembers. Just not on duty, not during medical appointments, and not in workspaces or public places. Consider that an order. Not one I think I should ever need to give, but here we are. Understood?"

"Of course Captain. It will not be necessary for you to give that order again, I assure you. Is there any thing else you wish to discuss or would you like to further discuss this topic captain", Ne'Tel asked with his typically flat and emotionless tone?

"There is one last thing," Yulin said. He stood and reached his hand out towards Ne'Tel, offering a handshake. "Before we all reunited on the surface of Aione II, you kept my wife safe. You have my sincere gratitude for that."

Ne'Tel nodded as he took the mans hand, "Of course Captain. I was simply doing my duty. However, I understand the sentiment, sir. You are welcome, I believe is the proper response."

Yulin smiled. "It is indeed." He released Ne'Tel's hand and sat back down. "I think that's everything. Dismissed."

Ne'Tel went to attention, briefly nodded, then walked out.


Commander Yulin Rael
Commanding Officer, USS Atlantis

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ne'Tel
Chief Security and Tactical Officer, USS Atlantis


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