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Retaking Atlantis, Part 3

Posted on 18 Sep 2019 @ 10:14pm by Commander Yulin Rael & Petty Officer 2nd Class Nellie Farrant & Crewman Lisa Westaway & Lieutenant Commander Alashanee Greystone & Lieutenant Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant Raygi Benyan & Lieutenant Keri Kelea & Lieutenant Zuub & Lieutenant JG Ne'Tel & Lieutenant JG A'drey Weaver & Ensign Nicolette Blanchet & Staff Warrant Officer T'Para & Chief Petty Officer Kala Anjar & Petty Officer 2nd Class Amelia Wilde & Verok & Lyta Kelea

Mission: Episode 2- What's Lost Is Found
Location: USS Atlantis
Timeline: 2389/08/15 1430 hrs


Commander Yulin Rael was finally back in his command chair. Ne'Tel, Farrant, T'Para, and a few others had joined him at their stations, and Yulin knew that Counselor Kelea was on her way. Zuub was down in sickbay and Hawksley was working to bring the warp drive online. At the XO station, to Yulin's mild annoyance, was the Vulcan boy Verok. He would need to stay where he was though, given he apparently had Alashanee's command codes.

The CO tapped some keys on his armrest. "This is the Captain. Now hear this! Priorities are the warp drive and beaming up any crew that remain on Aione. You've all been through a lot. We'll recover once we're clear of the system. But for right now, I need you all doing your jobs to the best of your abilities, as you were trained. Bridge out."

He then began barking orders to his staff directly. "Farrant, plot a course that keeps us within transporter range of the planet as long as possible, but then be ready to break orbit. Full impulse. Ne'Tel, weapons free, keep their ships off of us." He reopened a comm channel. "Engineering, report!"

“Engineering Here. Current core estimates are 72% operational and rising Commander,” Leland spoke through the COM, where the Captain of the Atlantis was. “I can give you sustainable warp at variable speeds.”

Leland punched in a few buttons into his computer, to update the ongoing service logs and procedures he eliminated to bring warp to full powers. “I am working with every computer, every crew member I got Sir.” He spoke with concern and worry, but with anticipation and boldness to regain what was lost.

“Leland, Out.” He slapped his badge.

Now free of her Rall captors Amelia had been cared for by Leland, now she wanted to return the favour with what medical equipment she had to hand. She knew he'd be in pain with his hand by now.

~ Sickbay ~

Zuub set up sickbay. She had no idea what she might be in for. Who knew what the Rall did to many of the crew. She suspected that there were many attempts at impregnating females. She wondered who would keep the fetuses and who would discard them. She also wondered what sort of psychological and physical injuries came to the crew. She had a distinct feeling that she would be working many hours of overtime in the next couple of months.

More concerning was the Executive Officer, Alashanee Greystone was still on a biobed. She observed her patient as she started to stabilize her from her numerous injuries: "Can you speak, Commander? How did all of this occur?" Zuub's antennae leaned in worriedly as she noticed her medical tricorder showing the litany of injuries: a broken arm, a couple of broken ribs, a punctured lung, and some sort of abdominal wound.

For the first few seconds after her eyes opened, Alashanee wondered briefly if she had indeed died. Her eyes glanced around the sickbay before they rested on the familiar face of Doctor Zuub. "Am I happy to see you," she said, weakly. "Did we win?" She shifted her body, she still couldn't move completely. "Damn explosion."

"I suppose that won is a relative term," the Doctor replied in her soft, wispy voice. She tried to put some sort of inflection in her voice to be soothing but that was something that was difficult, at best for Andorians. Her antennae leaned in concerned. "I suppose that I should give you a hypo to knock you out while I work on your injuries. Any last words?" she asked the Commander while raising a hypospray.

"Just make them pay," she answered, nodded for Zuub to continue.

~ Bridge ~

Ne'Tel began to tap feverishly at the controls though his expression and demeanor were ice cold. Phasers erupted from the Atlantis like lighting from Zeus him self. Some shots found their mark and erupted against shields and hulls, other shots were just streams of light flowing through space like sparrows in the sky. Before long, Ne'Tel's fingers were moving like an expert piano player who was preforming a major symphony. Soon bright orange orbs follows the long streaks of phaser fire. The glow of torpedos were just like the phasers, sailing gracefully though space untill they found their mark or flew bound to wonder aimlessly among the stars.

With a flat emotionless tone Ne'Tel spoke, "Weapons firing as you ordered, Captain."

~ Main Engineering ~

“I need a rag!” Leland growled looking around him. He had blood dripping from his necrotized wound. The wound was covered in Rall flesh and dried sweat of his.

"You need treatment! You should be in Sickbay!!" Amelia was trying to get to treat his hand but she couldn't keep him still long enough. "Leland hold still and let me see!"

“Its blood dripping on the consoles.” Hawksley tried wiping away the streaks of wet blood smudges on the surface. He kept it together. “Never mind its ok. It is ok, Babe.” He nodded at Amelia.

“Hawksley here Sir.” Hawksley addressed Commander Rael. His voice a welcoming sound! “Engineering is good to go whenever your ready Sir! I’ve disposed of two Rall who just came through the doorway. They were holding Amelia hostage!” He tapped at his com badge.

Amelia tapped her own badge and interjected. "Captain Leland needs to be in Sickbay, he has a serious wound to his hand but he's refusing to let me treat it!"

"Negative, Nurse Wilde," Yulin answered. "I need him where he is. Stand by." He closed the channel and prepared to open another when a familiar face came up the stairs.

~ Bridge ~

Arriving on the bridge Keri knew she'd have to put on a brave face and hide her pain about Lyta's current mental state. She didn't want to be distracting Yulin with the news his daughter now hated them both. "Reporting as ordered Sir" Keri looked at Yulin but her normal smile was nowhere to be seen.

"Good," Yulin answered, more sternly than he meant. "Get to Auxiliary systems and manage power outputs. If you get any readings off the Rall, like maybe they're going to change tactics, let me know right away."

"Yes Sir!" Keri nodded and headed over to the auxiliary systems station, at least having something to do would take her mind off what was going on with Lyta for the time being.

Yulin opened another comm channel. "Bridge to Yeoman Westaway. Status of evacuation."

Lisa's voice came in over the comms. "Westaway here, Captain. Everyone who was with us has come up through the portal."

"Acknowledged," he replied. "Get to the transporter rooms and help Kala with the final evacuations." He closed the channel and reopened the one to engineering. "Leland. The hull electrification. Do it now!"

Leland heeded the order from Rael, as he punched in a one-button program initiation of the electrification of the Atlantis hull. “It is my…………. Pleasure!” He thumbed the button exciting the ships internal structures. “Hull is electrified, Captain.”

"Lieutenant Kelea, the electrification of the hull has reduced phaser power by twenty six percent. Is it possible to reroute power to restore full phaser power", Ne'Tel asked in a tone that sounded as flat and emotionless as if this were a test and a routine request? Deep down, he felt no rage, no excitement, no anger. At this moment, he was a perfect Vulcan. Emotionless, logical, detached. At this moment, he would have surpassed Surak in his emotional control.

"Keri looked at the console in front of her. "I'm rerouting power from non essential systems to defensive systems." She tapped the console. "I'm giving you everything we have to spare Lieutenant." She looked at Ne'Tel.

As though the woman were telling him about a routine event Ne'Tel replied very blandly and very flatly, "Thank you Lieutenant." He tapped away at the console as the ship responded with bright streaks of light erupting from the phaser arrays and sailing through the vast empty space, some hitting their marks some continuing into the great forever. The ship was still fighting, and as long as Ne'Tel was standing and at his post it would continue fighting because that was the Captain's order, and more to the point it was logical.

A few light-years away, the USS Findlay barreled towards the Aione System at maximum warp. Captain O'Neil ordered Ensign Blanchet to relieve their regular helm officer. Lieutenant Raygi manned Ops, while Lieutenant Weaver had Science (Michaelson having been ordered to help with firing control from the torpedo pod).

"Helm, time to intercept?"

"ETA forty-five minutes, sir." Colette replied, keeping an eye of the helm console. "Thirty if I step on the gas."

Hunter nodded. "Do it. Ms. Weaver, are we close enough to see what's going on in the Aione System?"

"Just coming into range now sir," Drey said, hands flying over the console. "Not a clear picture, but we're starting to get the lay of the land so to speak."

Raygi looked quickly at the Science Officer, giving her a crisp nod. He tapped a short series of commands on his console, changing a laundry list of power and sensor allocations in the process. “I have put our internal security sensors on the auxiliary computer processors, as well as made a minor change to the protocol for intraship communications.” He paused for a moment, making a final adjustment. “You have all of the sensor bandwidth I can give you. Another one point six five megaquads.”

So, this is it. The time has come. Colette felt extremely nervous, as she watched the conn display, occasionally looking up at the viewscreen. Her breathing was fast and heavy, her heart pumping at full speed. She needed something to divert her thoughts and calm her down. She started beating a 3/4 waltz rhythm with her feet, and quietly, almost instinctively began to hum one of the first songs she ever heard.

"If you ask any girl from the parish around, What pleases her most from her head to her toes, She'll say I'm not sure that it's business of yours, But I do like to waltz with a log driver." she sang quietly in herself, keeping her anxiety under check. "For he goes birling down and down white water, That's where the log driver learns to step lightly, Yes, birling down and down white water, The log driver's waltz pleases girls completely."

Smiling, Drey looked over at Colette and softly tapped out the beat of the song on her console. She didn't know the words, but she had heard the song a time or two before.

Hunter kept his eyes on the screen. "Science, once we're close enough to see the Atlantis and any other ships in her vicinity, let me know. I want a tactical plan before we drop out of warp. Helm, if you see any means of getting us there even faster than thirty minutes, don't even ask, just do it."

"Aye sir," Drey called over her shoulder. She watched the sensors like a hawk. "It's coming into focus... Atlantis is orbiting the second planet! She's got two smaller ships firing at her... wait... two more on approach vector, close to weapons range judging by the distance of the first two ships." She chewed her lip for a moment. "They're holding up pretty well against those two, but their shields are down."

Again she paused before turning to the Captain with wide eyes. "Captain! Five more ships approaching! Atlantis will be seriously out gunned with the four already there, another five will be a death sentence! I suggest an intercept of the five approaching," she paused, then gave a shrug. "If I may be so bold..."

Colette listened to Drey's report with eager ears, her heart beating faster at every word. She felt sweat streaming down her neck. They're alive! And fighting the Rall! Mon dieu! She almost jumped up in happy excitement, but managed to cool herself down. They need help! And they need it now! She quickly tapped a few commands into the helm console, pretty sure to drain every last bit of energy out of the engines, and even more. "Aye, aye, sir." she nodded. "Let's rock 'n' roll!"

Hunter could feel the ship accelerate before the inertial dampers caught up. He smiled at the eagerness of the young Ensign and the work of his Chief Operations Officer and his Assistant Chief Science Officer. For the latter, why hadn’t he noticed her before? He would need to talk with Michaelson about that later. For now, he would stay focussed on the mission. “Blanchet, be sure to drop us out of warp on top of those five incoming attackers. Alter course as necessary.”

"Yessssir!" Colette nodded, and made a quick calculation. She typed the parameters into the helm console, and plotted the course. Only a slight correction was needed, most people wouldn't even notice the difference. She was completely nervous, but getting the news of her crewmates being alive and fighting, gave her a spark of optimism.

On Deck 4, a security team was trying to hold its ground against a new Rall boarding team. Their shots were true and they managed to keep most of the Rall back, but they were facing an army of thousands from the planet and nearby ships and stations.

A second portal opened to their right, and they found themselves in a crossfire. The lead security officer was hit badly in the leg. She fell hard.

She was prepared to make her final stand, but suddenly, the portals disappeared. One collapsed during a boarding action, leaving a dead half-Rall on the deck ahead of them. The injured officer tapped her commbadge. "Security team Gamma to Bridge. The portals are gone, sir."

On the bridge, Yulin smiled. Teela's suggestion worked. Leland's hull electrification worked. The Rall couldn't send more troops.

The ship shuddered under Rall weapon's fire. They could still be shot out of the sky.

“Report!” Yulin yelled as sparks flew from the ceiling.

“We’re at full impulse, but those Rall ships are fast,” Nellie said. “I can’t keep us out of their fields of fire.”

Keri was keeping her eyes on the readouts as best as she could, her head was pounding thanks to an onslaught from the Rall telepaths. She sat back in her seat and massaged her temples as she tried to get some relief not that it was doing much good.

"Captain, they have disabled our sensor array," T'Para said from her Science console. She frowned, thinking on how the sensor array was disabled yet again in the Atlantis' second battle. "However, I am detecting four-no, five Rall ships on the edge of our short rage scans. They are converging on our position." Her fingers flew across her console. "A pulse generated with the nadion particles from our phaser bank discharge may confuse their own sensors for a short period of time. The range is limited, however. It will have no effect on the other Rall ships."

"Ne'Tel, do as T'Para suggests," Yulin ordered.

Ne'Tel went to tap the controls of his station but soon he was frozen. He was being hit by the Rall psychic attack and he was unable to move. He closed his eyes as sweet began to form on his brow. His hand was frozen only inches above the console and he couldn't respond to any one on the bridge though he could hear every thing that was going on.

"Ne'Tel!" Yulin called, turning to face the apparently-frozen Vulcan. Then he remembered what the Rall telepaths were able to do. They made Nellie reprogram the translator. Surely it was trivial to simply stop a person from acting. "Keri, help him!" He moved to the alternate tactical station and began firing the nadion pulse from the phasers.

"I....I'll try!" Keri practically stumbled across from her station to Ne'Tel, she too was trying to hold off the Rall and they were starting to get through her mental defenses. "I'm...not sure how long...I can hold off the Rall." She massaged her temples. "They're getting through my defenses!"

Arriving at Ne'Tel's side Keri gently placed her hand on Ne'Tel's arm, touch was one way of making a stronger mental connection between telepaths. "Ne'Tel can you hear me? I'll try and hold off the Rall attack on your mind, you're needed to help finish this fight!!" She closed her eyes and put everything she had into shielding Ne'Tel's mind.

Once Keri touched Ne'Tel's arm it was enough to break Ne'Tel from the Rall mental attack. Her added psychic reach only re-enforced his slowly returning mental walls. He looked down at the console and began tapping at the controls with one hand firing weapons and more nadion pulses. He placed his free hand on Keri's and closed his eyes, sensing her own weakness from the Rall. It must have been a large group that had targeted him because he had felt the urge to lower the shields. It had been every thing he had to not move until Keri had distracted him. Now he would repay her the same help. Mentally focusing on helping her repel the psychic attack he made sure one hand was constantly firing weapons.

"Apologies Captain, I was not prepared for the degree of psychic attack the Rall had targeted me with. I am well now and as well as firing weapons and the nadion pulse I am also working to assist Lieutenant Kelea with her own defense against the Rall mental attacks", Ne'Tel replied with his typical sounding tone.

Keri breathed a sigh of relief at having Ne'Tel's assistance to keep the Rall out of her mind. "Thank you Ne'Tel."

Yulin nodded. “Stay sharp, both of you. And good work on those nadion pulses; keep it up. Good idea, T’Para.”

~ Main Engineering ~

From engineering came the call. “Engineering to Captain Rael.” Leland was in main engineering, holding on to the bulkhead as the core shuddered and plasma steam began to break out. Sparks and black soot exploded from a wall panel.

“I am not sure how much longer I can…” He looked at his Rall bitten off fingers. “Hold us together down here, Sir!” The core vibrations are maxing out,” He began to open an access lock and bypass emergency protocols. The shuddering from frequent bombardment from the Rall was becoming too much for the core to accept.

He looked up the large core, the steam and shuddering on the metal deck plates around was ominous. “I do not like this!”

“Is there anything I can do?” Amelia looked at Leland from where she was sat resting her shoulder and wounds.

Leland was looking up stressed at all of his indicators stating the ship was being stressed beyond its core fabrication elements. He shook his head, and he offered a tired, drained but smile none the less to Amelia. “At this point, there is nothing else can do.” He felt a jolt of his console, immediately hanging on as for forces rocked the ship.

“I can bring up the stabilizers again, to smooth things out, but the very next volley dismantles them again!” He growled shrugging his shoulders.

“HEY! Leland to Captain Yulin, Sir. Please were falling apart down here! Less tight corners on the CONN please.”

~ Kelea Quarters ~

Down in Keri's quarters Lyta smiled to herself as she heard the voice of the Rall Doctor who'd been so instrumental in her brainwashing. If she was as strong and practiced as her mother she'd be putting her abilities to good use in getting back to the Rall but as it was she was shut away under guard. She could only hope for now that the Rall would win the battle and she could return to where she wanted to be.

~ Bridge ~

Back on the bridge, sparks flew as the ship was hit by Rall weapons' fire, though thankfully the hits were fewer and farther between. "Bridge to Transporter Room One! How much longer?"

"Five more minutes!" came the voice of Yeoman Westaway.

"I'm not sure we have that long," Yulin couldn't help say.

In orbit of Aione II, four Rall ships harried the Atlantis while five more would enter weapons range imminently. The commanders of the five new arrivals were ready for blood. They had received orders to destroy the enemy, but try to contain damage so that the computer and FTL drive stayed intact.

None of them were prepared for the newest arrival. A ship more that twice the size of their quarry exited warp practically on top of them.

"Good work, Ms. Blanchet," said Hunter. "Ms. Weaver, get Tactical the best firing solutions for their shots. Tactical, shoot to kill. Mr. Raygi, establish contact with Atlantis by any means necessary."

Bullseye! Colette gave herself an imaginary high-five. Her eyes popped wide open, and her heart stopped for a moment when she saw the Atlantis on the viewscreen, in all her glory. She was surrounded by four enemy ships, and five others were closing in. Damn, we just arrived in the nick of time! She glanced at the tactical officer for a second. Come on, let's show Wally Gator and his friends, who's the boss!

"Aye sir," Drey called, hands now flying over the console as she scanned the enemy ships and sent weak points to the tactical station. "Hit there, just in front of their engines, it'll take down their weapons and hopefully blow them and the engines up," she said over her shoulder, shooting a final tactical overlay of the ship with a point highlighted, to the tactical station. "At least, I hope it will, it appears as though their systems are linked there."

The tactical officer nodded to Drey and began issuing commands on his console. “Firing phasers and quantum torpedoes now.” Phasers landed from the Findlay’s weapons arrays, impacting three Rall ships, disabling their weapons and engines as Drey suggested. Blue torpedoes launched from the pods, impacting the remaining two in the same place.

“Captain,” said Raygi with urgency. “I have cut through the interference with a rotating EM pulse. Comm channel open.”

"Atlantis, this is the USS Findlay," said Captain O'Neil over the Atlantis's comms. "Your pilot told us where to find you. We're here to help. Keep recovering your crew and we'll keep these guys off your back."

Yulin pumped his fist when he heard the voice of the stranger aboard their rescuers. “Findlay! Electrify your outer hull now! It blocks the Rall portal technology. They can overwhelm you with numbers if you don’t block them out!”

Kosst,” muttered Raygi. He didn’t even wait for an order from his Captain. Raygi’s fingers raced over his console at a dizzying pace, enhancing some systems and rerouting others. “I need fifteen, maybe twenty seconds.”

Hunter nodded to the Ops Officer. Weapons fire lanced at additional Rall ships. The Findlay's shields took a few hits that were meant for Atlantis.

"Transporter room to bridge," came Lisa's voice. "Transport complete. We have everyone, repeat, everyone."

"Ne'Tel, raise shields!" ordered Yulin. "Farrant, set course triple-zero by triple-zero, warp one, jump when you can. Engineering, we're going to warp as soon as you say we can. Findlay, follow us out!"

On the bridge of the Findlay, Hunter simply nodded to his young helmswoman.

Colette was electrified when she heard Yulin's voice through the comm. He is alive! They're all alive! And fighting! "Yesssir." she replied, and tapped in the course. "We're here to crew bubblegum and kick lizard ass, and we're all out of bubblegum."

~ Engineering ~

“Easier said than done.” He mumbled to his self. He was a miracle worker on this ship for what he had to work with, in such confined spaces. The Atlantis was no behemoth.

“On my mark…” Leland gestured to the Ensign working in Engineering. “On three!”

“One, Two, Three.” Both Lt. Hawksley and Ensign Chambers servo locked a re-initialization of the plasma manifold streams.

“Deuterium markers are fluctuating,” Leland stated as he watched the stats rising to a full core restart. The ship being rocked every so moments, setting more Engineering alarms off.

“Computer.” Leland then turned to the main pool table, bringing up various schematics of a cold to hot start of Atlantis. “Mark 0100 re-start of core re-initialization process.”

= Core parameters adjunctive, core flow rate estimate 0.00879 deuterium millecrones. = The Engineering computer replied. = Warp core parameters identified acceptably. =

“Got it!” Hawksley grasped his hand tightly into a first. He wanted to get the hell out of here. He slapped his hand down on the core re-starting sequence panel and entered the command codes.

With that the Atlantis engines glowed to life, the ship's nacelles glowing a bit brighter now as the new plasma was operating, fluxing through the dilithium chamber.

“Initial analysis…” Leland tapped at the display, anxious to get the core to warp. “Good.” He took a breather.

“Captain Rael. You have engines, Sir!” Hawksley proudly proclaimed.

~ Bridge ~

“Engage!” Yulin ordered. With a few taps of the helm console, the Atlantis jumped to the speed of light, heading back toward Federation space. Firing a few more shots from its phasers, the Findlay followed close behind.

Clear of the Rall threat, Commander Yulin Rael sank into his chair and breathed a sigh of relief. “Good work, team.”



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