Meeting the New Doc

Posted on 04 Oct 2019 @ 8:40am by Ensign Nicolette Blanchet & Lieutenant Zuub

Mission: Episode 2- What's Lost Is Found
Location: Deck 2 - Sickbay
Timeline: 2389/08/19 1700 hrs

Another day, another bad kitty incident. This time it was worse than usual. When Schrödinger refused to eat the cat food she replicated, Colette punished him by taking away his favourite toy, resulting in an act of revolt. Schrödinger climbed off a tall shelf, and while trying to follow him, Col accidentally fell off and dislocated her right wrist.

"Merdeee!!! Merdeee!!! This hurts like shit...."

Managing to get herself together, Colette arrived to sickbay (fortunately located on the same deck as her quarters), nursing her hand. "Hello! Anyone here? I had an accident!"

A tall female Andorian watched as Colette arrived. Her antennae twitched between polite interest and whirling at the wrist that was hanging incorrectly on her Colette's arm. Contrary to her tall size, the Andorian's voice was soft and her tone came out in a wispy monotone. "So I see. Can you tell me what happened?" The Andorian guided Colette to a bio bed as she spoke.

Col looked up at the towering gigantic Andorian, and felt she'd need a ladder just to be able to see her face clearly. "I... I fell... and hurt my hand..." she tried to explain, while still suffering from pain, as they moved towards the biobed. "I... I can't move it properly. And it hurts like hell." she said. "I probably dislocated it."

Zuub reached for a medical tricorder and ran it over Colette. Her antennae leaned into the medical instrument curiously and then she pronounced, "You are correct." She put the tricorder down and then took Colette's wrist. "This is going to hurt a bit. I am going to count to three. On three, I am going to pop it back into place. OK?"

"Whaaaa...." Colette thought the doc will use some miraculously high tech device to fix her hand. Her eyes popped wide open, when she announced that she will pop it back into place, which sounded like some medieval torture method.

Zuub counted, "One... Two..." and without counting to three, Zuub quickly jerked the wrist back into place. She knew that she would likely hear Colette scream but once the wrist was back in place, she could begin the healing process. "Three." Her antennae twittered anxiously as she grabbed the tricorder and started analyzing her work.

The girl screamed in heavy pain, and felt tears running down her cheeks, as the doctor fixed her wrist. A few moments later, she felt relieved as the pain was gone. She slowly opened her eyes and took a few deep breaths, looking at the doctor, hovering over her hand with a tricorder.

"If those lizards had such effective pain-inducing techniques like you do, we'd still be their captives," she uttered.

Zuub's antennae twittered, indicating humor. She then ran a dermal stimulator and t-cell stimulator over the wrist. "A couple days of light activities and you should be completely back to normal. I would advise making sure that your feet keep you upright for the future."

"Okay. Thank you, doctor." Col nodded, as she wiped off the tears from her face. "I guess I won't be able to play the piano for a few days."

"Would you like a tissue?" the Doctor asked, her antennae leaning in concerned.

"Thank you. Merci." she nodded to the doctor's helpful suggestion. "Hopefully, next time I'll be able to convince Schrödinger to behave without breaking my neck."

The Andorian tilted her head and her antennae thrashed wildly about, confused. "Schrödinger?"

"Yes!" Col nodded. "He caused all this trouble." she explained. "His Majesty Schrödinger the First, Lord of Furballs, Duke of Litterboxes." she said, then quickly and firmly added. "My cat."

"That is quite the title for a feline," Zuub observed.

"Felines love to think of themselves as the absolute rulers of everything." Col claimed, then she suddenly felt an ache in her newly repaired hand. "Ouch! Oh, la vache! That hurts." she shook her head. "Do you have a pet?"

"I do not," Zuub answered in her soft, wispy voice. "I do not see the reason for something to have a dependence on me or to limit my freedom by taking in one. I am too easily distracted."

"Ohh, it's not dependence. Or limiting your freedom." the girl shook her head in protest. "It's pure unconditional love. Schrödinger is probably my best friend in the whole galaxy." she said. "Okay, I know, it kinda means that I don't really have human... humanoid friends, which is... actually somewhat true." she bubbled. "I'm completely awful, right?"

Zuub's antennae twittered, "laughing" at Nicolette. "Unconditional love? Is that so?" she asked. "And she caused you, this?" Zuub shook her head. "I do not think you are awful. I do not understand your perspective, however. That, though, is not unusual. Many cannot understand mine. That being said, I think that it would be wise for you to meet some more two legged beings."

"Yes, you are right." Col nodded. "I actually thought... if I just happen to be here... Ouch!!! This hurts!" she looked at hand in pain. "So... Actually, I love Andorian poetry." she said. "Maybe we can... get together... and discuss it sometime?"

Zuub was about to say that she was not a poet and spent most of her time researching a cure for Hlasha's Curse. She opened her mouth and then closed it, realizing that the Ensign was likely hitting on her. And, who was Zuub to prevent play? Her antennae leaned in towards Nicolette and then writhed, showing her amorous interest. "I would be most interested in discussing it with you," Zuub replied in her soft, emotionless voice.

"Awesome!" Colette shouted joyfully. Maybe she just found a new friend in the gigantic Andorian doctor. "Okay, I must confess. I'm not really an expert. What I found the most endearing about your poetry is the use of those awesomely long words."

Zuub's antennae wobbled uncertainly. "Long words are endearing?" Did I misread her signals? Pink skins are so confusing. Maybe that's why I enjoy them so.

"Of course, they are!" the girl snapped with a huge smile. Her arm still hurt quite much, which prevented her from acting more ADHD-ish, but she could still get in the mood. "So long, it gives you a headache just to pronounce them. It's fuuuun!"

"A headache is fun?" Zuub asked, her confusion showing even more on her wildly lashing antennae. "I've never found that to be the case."

"Errr... Not the headache exactly... but... well... you know..." she realized she must've said something very weird. She quickly changed the topic. "By the way, do you like music? Play any instrument?"

"I am afraid not. I never had the time to learn one. Life on Andor is not like that on most worlds." She paused before asking, "Do you play one?"

"Oh. How is that so?" Colette asked. The doctor's answer sparked her curiosity. Why is life so different on Andor? Okay, she knew the planet's climate is colder than Saskatchewan on a winter's day, and Andorians are a peculiar race, but still. As for the doc's question, her eyes opened wide. This was a topic she loved to talk about, for hours, if noone asks her to stop. Nevertheless, she answered with a simple smile and nod. "I do."

"Life on Andor is harsh. It is a fight for survival. Each clan has lands and they constantly battle over them. Deaths happen. They're seen as natural. The fight for resources has always been something. That changed when Picard came but with limited resources, it is hard to say what will happen with the population and people." Her antennae drooped with each word she spoke speaking about home. "But you were going to tell me about the instrument that you played."

"Ah, yes." Col nodded. "I play the piano." she said with a proud smile. "I know, I don't strike you as the classical musician type, but I actually have a conservatory diploma." she explained. "I love music. Music is the most awesome thing in the universe. Even more awesome than chocolate tacos with ice cream. Music is life itself. Truly."

"Chocolate tacos and ice cream?" Zuub asked tilting her head, her antennae flailing about. Was this woman speaking federation standard? "I am pretty certain that blood is life but I assume that you are speaking metaphorically...."

"Of course, I do." the girl raised an eyebrow. "Too bad, you can't play. I wanna make an ABBA tribute band. In fact, I think Starfleet should make it a general order that every starship is required to have at least one ABBA tribute band on board." she explained with a mischievous smile. "I've already learned all the keyboard parts. Including that cute synth riff in Gimme Gimme."

"I would not be opposed to learning," Zuub told the Ensign, her curiosity getting the better of her. "I do not know this music that you speak of but I have always had an interest in experiencing new things."

"Greaaat!" Colette snapped. "Any particular instrument you're fond of?"

"Fond of? I don't know. I doubt that I even know what many of them are called," Zuub admitted.

"Hmm." Col took a closer look at the doctor, and raised an eyebrow. "You strike me as the bassist type. Or drummer." she said. "No, no. Definately bassist." she smiled. "I had a close friend, who's a bass player. So, you'd be in good company." Close friend and almost boyfriend... but she chose not to disclose this fact.

"Bassist?" Zuub asked, her antennae twirling to indicate her curiosity. "Why is that?"

"Trust me." Col smiled. "You look like the perfect low-end warrior." she grinned. "Just pick up a bass and you'll see." she suggested. "You have the looks, the charisma and everything to be a bassist."

Uncertainly, Zuub's antennae whirled and lashed slowly. "If you say so. I am not afraid to try anything at least once."

"Awesome!" the girl grinned. She touched her arm, feeling the joint. "Alright. I think we're done here, if you agree. See you in the future?"

"Yes," Zuub answered simply. "Do you have a preferred time?"

"Whenever's fine for me." Col shrugged. "When I'm not on duty, of course." she quickly added. "Give me a call."

"Very well. At my first free moment," Zuub told Colette.


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