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Playing Hooky

Posted on 21 Aug 2019 @ 5:50pm by Chief Petty Officer Kala Anjar & Ensign Nicolette Blanchet

Mission: Between the Pages (S1)
Location: Deck 3, Shuttlebay Control Room
Timeline: 2389/08/12 0900 hrs


Wandering the ship. Well, patrol really. It was better than being stuck in the armory for another endless shift. One thing he didn't forgive the last Chief for. The new one seemed to be a bit more reasonable. He rounded the corner, his route had taken him past the shuttlebay control room.

The shuttlebay was empty - perfect. Colette sneaked in, and placed her small, portable electric piano on a stand on the floor, and tapped a few keys to warm up her fingers. 'Officially' she was here to inspect the new high-tech shuttle, but 'unofficially' she realized just how awesome acoustics the shuttlebay might have. Hoping that noone'd catch her playing piano here (which she was sure, is a serious breach of Starfleet regulations), she quietly started playing an easy rondo by Chopin.

Anjar stopped outside the shuttlebay door. Essentially a public area, it was part of his route. He stood for a few seconds outside the door before he realized someone had in fact locked the door. "Computer, release lock on shuttlebay door. Authorization Kala-beta-one-seven-zero-one-delta." With an acknowledging beep, the lock was released and the doors hissed open. The first sound that caught his eye was a piano piece. He wasn't familiar with Earth music but it sounded...lovely. He waved off the security officer that accompanied him with a brief, "I'll catch up to you later."

He walked in a few steps and glanced around, finding the source of the music. A young woman was so intently concentrating on her music that he decided to not immediately interrupt her. He casually leaned against the bulkhead, hands in his pocket and listened.

Colette didn't notice someone entering the shuttlebay, as she was preoccupied with the piece. She gradually became more and more immensed in it, as she played. However, when she looked sideways for a brief moment, she suddenly noticed a shadow looming over her. She quickly stopped playing, and looked at the unfamiliar man with a surprised and apologetic look. "Please... don't tell me I was playing here."

He straightened, giving her a smile and a nod of the head. "Well, you don't need me to tell you that. I was enjoying listening to your music, though." Anjar glanced over her. He gave her another smile, a wide one. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, and one hand cupped his chin thoughtfully. "It technically is against regulations to lock access to the shuttle bay in the event of an emergency." He gave her a subtle wink. "But I won't tell anyone if you don't."

"Ohhhh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she said with eternal gratefulness in her voice. "You know... I'm here to actually look at that shuttle... but I realized this place has the best acoustic qualities on board." she explained "Anyways, since you were so awesome to me, you can request a song." she then offered "Mozart. Chopin. Bartók. Schönberg. Jerry Lee Lewis. Anything."

"Play me something of yours. I don't know anything from Earth. Only Bajor. Play whatever comes to mind." Anjar watched her a minute, noting the rank on her collar. "Do you have a name? Or should I just call you sir?" he asked, a smile tugging playfully at his mouth at her enthusiasm.

Colette felt really silly, forgetting to introduce herself. "Ahhh... no, no..." she mumbled "Don't call me sir... Please." she said "Sirs are usually rigid people who enjoy looking at their rank pips under a microscope until their eyes pop out." she sighed "Anyways, I'm Nicolette. Nicolette Blanchet. Glad to meet you."

He laughed at her reference to the pips. "If I get to call you Nicolette, then I suppose I should return the favor," he said with a smile and a wink. "I'm Anjar. So what are you going to play for me then? I'd like you to expand my repertoire of Earth music."

"Glad to meet you, Anjar." she smiled, then glanced back at the piano. "Okay. So... Earth music. I know, I should start with something basic and ultra-classic, like Mozart. But... I decided to show you something much more fun." With that, she hit the keys and started playing 'Maple Leaf Rag' by Scott Joplin.

He stood with his hands in his pockets, standing close enough to her and watching over her shoulder. The way her fingers moved across the keyboard was mesmerizing. He glanced from her hands to her face, smiling as he watched her lose herself in the music. He waited though until she was finished the piece before he spoke again. "So," he said, "Are you free later? Or now?"

Colette smiled at her new-found 'friend', and nodded. "Well, let's say I've gazed at this shuttle long enough, so I guess, I can say I'm free." She was curious just what he had in mind.

He scratched the back of his head nervously and laughed quietly. "Besides music, what do you enjoy doing?"

"Many things." Col said with a weirdish smile. "Making weird noises with my elbows. Playing Robin Hood and Marianne with my cat. Reading Andorian poetry and trying to find the most ridiculously long word."

At that, Anjar laughed. He stuck his hands in his pockets again. "You're pretty cute," he said and gave her a wink. "And you make me laugh." He glanced towards the shuttle bay doors. "I suppose I should get back on patrol but I guess we can grab a bite to eat in the mess hall?"

"Oh, thank you." the girl replied with a shy smile, and a noticable blush on her face. He really called me cute? "Sure! Absolutely! Anytime!" she bubbled, reacting to the mess hall suggestion.

He smiled at her enthusiasm. The blush was cute. With one hand in his pocket, the other scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Actually, I have a better idea than the mess hall," Anjar gave her a sly grin and motioned to the door. "Come with me."

"Oh? What better idea?" Col asked curiously. Just what does he have in mind, she wondered. "Okay. After you."

"Just something more private," he said with a shrug. He gestured towards her keyboard. "Do you normally just leave your instrument lying around? Why don't you bring it with us?"

"Something... more private?" the girl asked, raising an eyebrow. She suddenly looked a bit worried. "No, of course not! I won't leave it... here... of course!" she blabled, not sure what the guy tries to incidate. "What do you exactly... have in mind?"

"Relax. It's just a place where we don't have eyes watching," Anjar said and shook his head. He then gave her a smile. "I said you're pretty cute. Doesn't mean that I want anything in return. Just breakfast."

Colette's eyes popped wide open in shock. "In return???" she quickly took a few steps back. "For what??"

It took a few seconds for it to register, and his eyes widened."No!" he said quickly, both his hands up palms outward. He took a step back himself. "That's not what I meant!" The Bajoran took a deep breath. Was he already getting a reputation on this ship? "All I'm saying is..." he paused again, realizing he was digging himself into quite the hole, "Look. I know some guys pay a girl a compliment and then expect something in return. But that's not what I was trying to do. I said you were pretty cute and I meant it. I don't want..anything. Let's just go grab something to eat. As friends, okay?" Anjar shrugged and then gave her a smile. "Besides. I still have an idea where we can eat in peace."

Col took a minute to think. The guy's apology seemed honest, and she probably just misinterpreted his previous words. He actually seemed nice and friendly beforehand. But still, that talk about finding a more private place, and asking nothing for return... It sounded so creepy, it freaked her out. Maybe he phrased it all wrong. It happens. Not completely sure if it's a wise move or not, she decided to give the guy another chance.

"Err... okay." she took a few steps forwards. "Maybe I just misunderstood your intentions." she said slowly. "It happens. I mean... a girl needs to be careful... right?" she said with an awkward glance. "But... admit it, it actually did sound quite... weird." she rolled her eyes. "Okay. So... let's eat." she grinned, and felt her face blushing a little, when she realized the guy actually called her cute.

"Yeah," he said, a bit sheepish. "Sorry. It did sound..weird. Hope you can forgive me." Anjar paused, scratching the back of his head thoughtfully. "Let's go then. I'll get the Vulcan boy to cover the rest of my patrol. Can you meet me on Deck Two in about..10 minutes?"

"Sure. Deck Two. 10 minutes." Col nodded, still not sure if she's made the right decision. You can still decide not to show up. He'll be angry and confused probably, but at least, there won't be any danger.

He headed for the door, glancing over his shoulder behind him. He gave her a playful wink. "See you then."


Ensign Nicolette Blanchet
Chief Flight Control Officer

Chief Petty Officer Kala Anjar
Assistant Chief Security Officer


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