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Letters Home

Posted on 27 Sep 2019 @ 2:35pm by Ensign Nicolette Blanchet
Edited on on 27 Sep 2019 @ 3:20pm

Mission: Episode 2- What's Lost Is Found
Location: Deck 2 - Ensign Blanchet's Quarters
Timeline: 2389/08/16 1900 hrs


Colette sat on her bed, slowly drinking a cup of hot chocolate, with Schrödinger lying in her lap, purring quietly. She tried to put together the events of the previous weeks, in order to write a full report to the Captain about her journey to the Findlay, and how they come to the aid of the Atlantis against the Rall.

Many different thoughts were buzzing in her mind. She felt a strange kind of guilt for 'sitting out' the Rall captivity. She enjoyed all the comforts of the Findlay while her crewmates were suffering under the worst circumstances. I was awesomely lucky... while others were not quite so.

She tried to write, but eventually realized she can't get through the initial sentences, and that she needs to calm her thoughts somehow. So, she decided to write something else first, maybe she'll gain enough muse to finish that damn report. Okay. Let's see. My relatives and few friends have basically heard nothing of me since I joined this ship. I can't even count how many people I owe letters to. Let's start with... the obvious...

"Hi, mom! Hi, Maurice!

I'm terribly sorry for not keeping in touch. I was so awfully busy with Starfleet life in the past few months... completely swamped... you know, how it goes. Okay, that's a very weak excuse, I know, but really... I'm not the best letter-writer in the world, we all know that. But, anyways, so... here I am, safe and sound. I can proudly say that I'm an useful member of the USS Atlantis crew, gaining the admiration of my crewmates and my captain. Don't laugh, little bro, that's the truth! Noone can shake the ship better than I do, making them puke so often, it completely fixed their diets. I should get a medal from Starfleet Health Service!

Okay, but more seriously... We've been through some difficulties. There's been a conflict with an agressive alien race, and some rough times happened, but I'm alright, gotten out of it without a bruise. Really. So don't worry. I'm really okay. I need some time to relax now and put my things together, but no worries. I promised you two that I won't end up being killed-in-action, and I keep that promise. Take my word for it.

On a positive note, I've actually made some friends. Unbelievable, isn't it? My colleague at the helm, Nellie is an awesome person, and she even watched Fire Maidens of Outer Space with me. Next time, I'll show her The Killer Condom or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. She took care of Schrödinger while I was away. Yeah, I was... away, a long story... But again, don't worry. And no, I still don't have a boyfriend, so please, don't ask me that.

And of course: dear Maurice, happy belated birthday! I hope you're not angry at me for not sending a message earlier. So how does it feel not being a teenager anymore? Remember, I told you about those grey hairs... I bet you got even more of them since I've last seen you. I really hope I can see you too in the near future. We'll arrange something, I promise.

Until then...
I remain your sincere silly little potato-head mustard loving daughter / big sister:

Okay, this is done. Finally. Let's get on the next one.

"Dear Renora,

I hope my letter finds you in good health and good spirit. You're a nurse, so, I guess, you keep your good health. I know, long time, no see, and I'm so sorry for that. Do you find Starfleet life the same way demanding as I do? I admit, I know very little about the ship you serve on. I hope your boss is not a complete jerk, as some CMOs tend to be. At least, here on the Atlantis, we have a nice doc. I bet she'd be an awesome bass player if she'd learn how to play.

That reminds me, you still play the tivara? I miss our little duets so much. Easily the best thing during my Academy days in Frisco. I'm not lying! BTW, I came up with another awesome name for our group: Blondies From the Armpit of MushroomHades. How does that sound? I know, I know... silly and childish. And who's MushroomHades anyway? Maybe he's the one secretly lurking under the repilcator table in your quarters, watching you while you're cutting your toenails. (Eerie music intensifies...)

When I sit at the helm and navigate the ship, I often gaze into the great abyss in front of me (and no, the abyss doesn't gaze back on me, Nietzsche) on the viewscreen, and think of the people spread around all those vast distances, on ships, colonies and so. I hope you're fine wherever your voyages are taking you right now. You know, I never believed in your religion, but still, I wish that the Prophets may guide you in the right path.

As of me... I'm fine, getting used to this ship, the Atlantis. It has a nice crew, a nice captain, all out friendly faces. So, I guess, I'm lucky to get this assignment. Not everything is made of sugar candy, of course. We had a rough incident recently. I will tell you about it later.

I wish you all the bests,
Your sincerely,
Colette (the other half of the crazy blondes)"


Ensign Nicolette Blanchet
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Atlantis


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