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Lieutenant JG Ne'Tel

Name Ne'Tel

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 78

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Typical looking Vulcan with a slightly different skin tone than the typical pale green/yellow tone.


Spouse N'Vel
Children T'Lu and Siral
Father Xen'Tel
Mother Tu'So

Personality & Traits

General Overview A full blooded Vulcan, he is typically logical and factual. He does not express emotion or tend to loose his composure. However, like all Vulcan's he still has silent struggles with his own emotional demons. Silently he resents his emotional side, seeing it as a weakness and an enemy. Ne'Tel has a much firmer outward control over his violent and malevolent emotions his lustful desires often tend to be the soft spoken and silent enemy that he most struggles with.
Strengths & Weaknesses Logical, analytical, patient and tempered are often both his greatest strengths and weaknesses.
Ambitions He is Vulcan, his greatest ambition is to completely remove emotions from his life. He works to master his understanding of logic and gain as much wisdom and knowledge as he possibly can.
Hobbies & Interests 3 dimensional Chess is one of his chosen activities for focus, he is also interested in every tactical and combat history he can get his hands on.

Personal History Ne'Tel has always felt that patient and logical hands were best when it came to combat systems. As a child he interacted with other Vulcan children, focusing his mind and body on Logic and the Vulcan way.

As a young adult he often struggled with typical emotions, his rage and anger being his greatest fight. He found pleasure hurting others. It started with animals, Sehlet's among the most common, then it moved to people. Ne'Tel would start fights with other Vulcans and provoke conflicts when ever he possibly could. It wasn't till a Vulcan Star Fleet officer told him Star Fleet would let him express his rage while he worked on controlling it that he finally found a place he could go and felt he would be able to get himself in shape.

As a young man he focused on joining Star Fleet, dedicating his time and effort on meeting the requirements before enlisting. Once in he dedicated himself solely to Security and Tactical training, making few friends along the way. He often spent time in his holo-gym working out rage while the next day he would be working on focusing on the practices of the Kulinar. Eventually, as he inched closer to Graduation, he had achieved a rock solid control over his anger and rage. His senior year he let up on his work to control his anger and rage and found he had perfect Vulcan emotional control over his rage but a new emotion was sneaking out, lust. His graduation he was so focused on various lustful things he wanted to do to the females around him he almost exploded into a emotionally driven binder of adult interactions.

Meanwhile, as he studied in the Academy, he found himself idolizing the tactics of humans like Patton, Rommel, Cesar, Nepolian, Nelson, Wesley, Garth and Kirk. He spent time exploring what it was that was common among each officers tactics. He tried to memorize the most radical of strategies and tactics for use in his future, deciding that he wanted to serve as a combat officer in tactical or security. Perhaps, if it were logical even, he would take command one day, though he did not desire it. Command was simply something he would accept if he got to that point and it were logical.
Service Record 2367: Graduated Star Fleet Academy 3rd in his class
2367: Assigned to USS Fearless, Security Department, Ensign
2369: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2371: Transferred to USS Mako, Security Department, Lieutenant Junior Grade
2379: Promoted to Assistant Chief Tactical and Security Officer
2383: Transferred to USS Lexington, Assistant Chief Tactical and Security Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387: Transferred to USS Bozeman, Chief Tactical and Security Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade
2389: Transferred to USS Atlantis, Chief Tactical and Security Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade