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Captain Yulin Rael

Name Yulin Rael

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Yulin Rael is a large, well built man, which came from years in engine compartments and machine rooms, lifting extremely heavy equipment. He keeps his brown hair at an appropriate medium length. His green eyes are sharp and his visual acuity very good.


Spouse Cassandra Reyes
Children Lyta Kelea
Father Roche Joral
Mother Meliida Joral
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yulin Joral was a passionate young man who wore his feelings on his sleeve. He was not quick to anger, but other feelings shone through brightly. He acted impulsively, usually to his advantage. His interest in all things technical permitted him to go up through the ranks in Starfleet engineering.

When Yulin was joined with the Rael symbiont, his more passionate tendencies were cooled. He is much more careful and meticulous than he was, which greatly helped him in engine rooms, as he began handling very small/fine problems and much larger-scale problems better (whereas before, he was best suited to fixing the medium challenges.) Rael also gave him more of a career drive, which sparked his interest in Command.
Strengths & Weaknesses Yulin's greatest strength is his mind. He is very good at working out problems, originally just technical but his command training permits him to apply those skills to many situations.

Despite the tamping and control effects of the Rael personality, Yulin is still an emotional person. He is concerned that this will cause him problems in the future.
Ambitions Before joining, Yulin was not particularly ambitious. He did what was necessary to further the operation of his ship. It was only after he joined with Rael that he became more driven, leading him to join Starfleet Academy and rise through the officers' ranks. He looks forward to commanding his own starship.
Hobbies & Interests Yulin still likes to spend time in his ship's machine shop or engineering support lab, tinkering with different parts and systems. He also enjoys reading, both fiction (various subgenres) and technical manuals.

Personal History Yulin Joral was born in 2350 on board the Trill science vessel Reemall. His parents were officers aboard the non-Starfleet ship, his mother the scientist and his father the medical officer. He spent the first several years of his life aboard the ship or on planets that they visited. From a young age, he was given responsibilities aboard the ship. He finally visited Trill for the first time at age 7. While he loved his species’ homeworld, he strongly preferred living and working in space. However, he also became fascinated with symbionts and decided he wanted to be joined one day. From then on, his family helped prepare him for the eventual tests.

The only other child aboard was Keri Kelea, who was one year younger than him. As soon as they were old enough to play together, they became the best of friends.

As a pre-teen, Yulin followed neither of his parents and shadowed the Reemall’s chief engineer, a woman named Limmi. He maintained a love for all things science, but became fascinated with starship systems. By the time he was eighteen, he became the assistant chief engineer (at this point, his mother was CO), and then Chief Engineer when he was 23.

From his early teen years, his friendship with Keri developed into a romance. Though they denied it to their families (none of whom were the least bit fooled), that spark changed the nature of their relationship. A few weeks before his promotion to chief engineer, Yulin took Keri back to Trill to participate in the grand tradition of "senior prom", where that night they finally consummated their relationship. The two remained together until 2372, when Keri left the Reemall to join Starfleet.

In 2374, at age 24, qualified civilian crews from throughout the Federation was strongly encouraged to transfer to Starfleet to help in the war against the Dominion. Yulin was given a battlefield commission at the rank of Staff Warrant Officer and made an engineer on the USS Venture.

In 2375, Yulin returned briefly to Trill, to be notified that he was selected to be joined. An elder Trill stateswoman, Lorana Rael, was near death, and she agreed to pass the Rael symbiont to Yulin. He stayed on Trill for a month to become accustomed to the new life inside of him, a particularly difficult transition as Yulin was only Rael's second host, and thus had no experience with the sudden change of personality and form to which symbionts eventually grow accustomed. His parents, who still commanded the Reemall, stayed in orbit of Trill and helped ensure he was okay. Unfortunately, Keri was still at the Academy and could not take any leave to see him.

Once properly acclimated, Yulin returned to the Venture as Assistant Chief Engineer, with a promotion to Master Warrant Officer, a position he retained until the end of the war. He was encouraged to join Starfleet properly, and spent a year at Starfleet Academy before returning to the Venture, now as a Lieutenant (jg). At around this time, he began listening to the impulses of his Rael personality and wanted to look into Command.

In 2381, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to USS Saturn as Chief Engineer. The ship traveled the Raeyan Transit Corridor and continued missions of exploration and scientific discovery. It was on board the Saturn that Yulin met Cassandra Reyes, a civilian botanist aboard. The two began a romantic relationship and married three years into Yulin’s assignment. In 2386, Yulin was promoted to Commander and became the Saturn’s First Officer. Three years later, he was offered his own command, the USS Atlantis, a dedicated science vessel set to operate galactic south of the Inconnu Expanse.
Service Record 2362-2368: Engineer's Mate, Reemall (Civilian)

2368-2374: Chief Engineer, Reemall (Civilian)

2374-2375: Engineer, USS Venture (Staff Warrant Officer)

2375-2375: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Venture (Master Warrant Officer)

2375-2376: Engineering Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Senior Cadet)

2376-2379: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Venture (Lieutenant junior grade)

2379-2381: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Venture (Lieutenant)

2381-2386: Chief Engineering Officer, USS Saturn (Lieutenant Commander)

2386-2389: Executive Officer, USS Saturn (Commander)

2389-2389: Commanding Officer, USS Atlantis (Commander)

2389-present: Commanding Officer, USS Atlantis (Captain)

Serial Number: XDV-371-LAT
Voice authorization code: Rael-Alpha-Green