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Monthly Report, USS Atlantis, July 2019

Posted on 01 Aug 2019 @ 10:23am by Commander Yulin Rael
Edited on 01 Aug 2019 @ 10:27am

Monthly Report, USS Atlantis, July 2019


We currently have 10 players! This is an increase over last month by two.

We also currently have eight linked NPCs. If you have ideas for NPCs, please let us know so we can work to see if they fit into the simm.

-Commander Yulin Rael
-Lieutenant Commander Alashanee Greystone
-Lieutenant Leland Hawksley
-Lieutenant Keri Kelea
-Lieutenant Zuub
-Lieutenant Raygi Benyan
-Lieutenant jg Ne’Tel
-Lieutenant jg A’drey Weaver
-Ensign Colette Blanchet
-Petty Officer 1st Class Pravic Liberan


-Cassandra Reyes (Rael)
-Crewman Lisa Westaway (Rael)
-Petty Officer Second Class Nellie Farrant (Rael)
-Chief Petty Officer Kala Anjar (Greystone)
-Staff Warrant Officer T'Para (Greystone)
-Verok (Greystone)
-Petty Officer Second Class Amelia Wilde (Kelea)
-Lyta Kelea (Kelea)


We have been working with Ne’Tel to produce cool new images for the website! Stay tuned!

If there is something anyone sees on the website that appears out of place, please let your command team (Greystone and I) know. There are still some pages that likely have nothing on them. If it is something massively important, we'd like to know so we can rectify it.


In July, things really picked up! There were six posts in June, but that number went up to 28 in July! Good work team!

Mission Recap

In orbit of a Quantum Mechanical Black Hole near the Neethia system, the Atlantis sound a strange object that, upon further analysis, we realized was an artifact of the long-extinct Rall Empire, a culture that disappeared 35,000 years ago. However, the object itself, which we learn was fired from the planet Aione II 31,000 years ago. Something Rall survived the fall of their civilization.

First Contact with the Rall did not go as planned. The Atlantis has been taken over, with most of her crew transferred to Rall prison ships. Our chief engineer is being forced to fix the engines for them, while our XO undermines his efforts. The chief flight control officer has absconded with our shuttlepod, the Magnus, to find help with the USS Findlay.

Fascinated by the mixed-species nature of both our Counselor and her unborn child, the Rall saw in us a chance to solve their current crisis. They will use our ship to take them back to the stars, and want our crew to breed with the native Aioneans, their food stock, to improve their genetic diversity. Some of our crew complied with the Rall order. Others have resisted. Some have suffered.

But the time to retake our ship is rapidly approaching....

Player of the Month

For those of you who are not COs on your own ships, we're requested to name a Player of the Month, who has the chance of winning that honour for the entire Task Force. In order to recognize brilliance in writing and work OOC, I want to tell everyone who I plan to name every month.

This month, player of the month goes to Lt. jg Ne'Tel. Sam has developed something that is truly rare: an extremely compelling Vulcan character. The most interesting characters have flaws and weaknesses, and Ne'Tel's are both interesting to read and fit into our simm perfectly. I look forward to reading Ne'Tel posts, whether solo posts like his encounter with the Aioneans, or his private encounters with our XO, Counselor, or Chief Medical Officer (the latter of which sets up more to come).


Please let us know if you have any ideas or things you'd like to see come of the sim. We are open to your ideas and suggestions.


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