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June 2019 Simm of the Month

Posted on 22 Jul 2019 @ 12:15pm by Commander Yulin Rael

I want to take a moment to congratulate the entire crew of the USS Atlantis for winning Bravofleet Task Force 93 Simm of the Month for June 2019!

Here's what our nominee had to say about us:

I am going to nominate the USS Atlantis this month, I have found their storyline to be quite interesting and a thrill to read, they have offered a good and unique premise for people to join and they keep things moving. It might not be at a super-pace but they move the storyline forward with brilliant writing and with great teamwork and collaboration. The few posts that I did read were all done by multiple members of the simulation and led to some great interactions and story writing from the crew. Their posts are very detailed and provide the reader with a whole lot more than just from point A to point B in the post and the mission, so well done!

Keep up the amazing work everyone!


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