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While the Alrakis Pact continues to return the Alpha Quadrant to a state of chaos, the USS Atlantis (NCC-81424) continues the original mission of the Federation: scientific discovery and cultural exchange. As more and more Starfleet resources in the Alpha Quadrant are shifted into military roles to counter the Pact, as well as the growing threat posted by the so-called Freedom’s Legion, the Atlantis helps fulfill the scientific goals of the Federation and Starfleet.

Numerous positions remain available, especially:

* Specialist Positions, especially in science.

Most assistant chief roles are presently filled with NPCs, but please do not hesitate to apply regardless.

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USS Atlantis is a proud member of Bravofleet Task Force 72.

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» Monthly Report, USS Atlantis, February 2019

Posted on 01 Mar 2019 @ 8:29am by Commander Yulin Rael in General News

Monthly Report, USS Atlantis, February 2019

I got this idea from a pair of simms I'm on: a monthly report of interesting simm statistics for all to see.

Sim Stats


We currently have 10 players. This increased from 6 that we had at the end of January 2019. We continue to conduct recruitment efforts.

We also currently have nine linked NPCs. If you have ideas for NPCs, please let us know so we can work to see if they fit into the simm.

-Commander Yulin Rael
-Lieutenant Commander Alashanee Greystone
-Lieutenant Leland Hawksley
-Lieutenant Keri Kelea
-Lieutenant jg Inarie Cade
-Lieutenant jg Treyla Solwick
-Lieutenant jg Mark Cross
-Lieutenant jg Izaro Chameer
-Ensign Nita Malone
-Ensign Colette Blanchet


-Cassandra Reyes (Rael)
-Crewman Lisa Westaway (Rael)
-Petty Officer Second Class Nellie Farrant (Rael)
-Petty Officer Second Class Kala Anjar (Greystone)
-Warrant Officer T'Para (Greystone)
-Verok (Greystone)
-Petty Officer Second Class Amelia Wilde (Kelea)
-Lyta Kelea (Kelea)
-Jameson Hughes (Cade)


If there is something anyone sees on the website that appears out of place, please let your command team (Greystone and I) know. There are still some pages that likely have nothing on them. If it is something massively important, we'd like to know so we can rectify it.

In particular, I plan to work on getting the wiki up and running with some interesting pages, especially around the current mission.


In late December and January, we had a total of 40 posts. 10 of these were solo posts (which I define as being written by a single player, though could include their NPCs), and 30 were joint posts.

In February, that number has gone down. It presently sits at 27, of which 6 are solo posts and 21 are joint posts. I think we can get that number back up in March! But part of it is that our characters were all meeting each other in January, and now we're doing larger mission-specific posts. But let's try to break the 30 mark for March, yeah?

Mission Recap

After successfully launching the USS Atlantis from Starbase 72, we traveled at cruising speed to an anomaly that had been charted a few light years from the planet Neethia, but which was never studied. On our way, we rendezvoused with the USS Asimov, the USS Yamaguchi, and the New Hague Colony to take on crew. One crew member, Dr. Cross, was temporarily reassigned to Yamaguchi, but will reconnect with us shortly.

Player of the Month

For those of you who are not COs on your own ships, we're requested to name a Player of the Month, who has the chance of winning that honour for the entire Task Force. In order to recognize brilliance in writing and work OOC, I want to tell everyone who I plan to name every month.

The Player of the Month for USS Atlantis for February 2019 is...Lieutenant Commander Alashanee Greystone! Her writing has been impeccable and she’s worked hard advance her own story. Out of character she has been a fantastic Number One, keeping me on the straight and narrow and offering excellent advice.


When you have time, please get your characters uploaded to your BFMS profile. I will go in and work on approving them once I see them come in. There are currently only three of you with profiles on our BFMS page. Please send me something ASAP. We only have myself, XO Greystone and Counselor Kelea.


Please let us know if you have any ideas or things you'd like to see come of the sim. We are open to your ideas and suggestions.

» New Officers

Posted on 26 Feb 2019 @ 2:20pm by Commander Yulin Rael in General News

I realize I hadn't done a news announcement for two of our new officers, and a third has just joined.

Please welcome aboard Lt. jg Izaro Chameer (Chief Operations Officer), Ensign Nita Malone (Assistant Chief Medical Officer), and Ensign Nicolette Blanchet (Chief Flight Control Officer)!

With these new members, we now have 10 player characters!

» Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Posted on 05 Feb 2019 @ 2:07pm by Commander Yulin Rael in General News

With apologies for the delay, announcing the arrival of our new Chief Security/Tactical Officer, LT (jg) Treyla Solwick. Welcome to the team!

» Chief Science Officer

Posted on 31 Jan 2019 @ 5:18pm by Commander Yulin Rael in General News

I want to officially welcome aboard our new Chief Science Officer, Dr. Inarie Cade!

Positions in Security/Tactical, Flight Control, and Ops, as well as specialist positions, remain open.

» Engineer

Posted on 03 Jan 2019 @ 10:29am by Commander Yulin Rael in General News

I just want to welcome on board Lieutenant Leland Huntley, our new Chief Engineer!

Latest Mission Posts

» The Anomaly

Mission: What's Lost Is Found
Posted on 01 Mar 2019 @ 10:53pm by Commander Yulin Rael & Petty Officer 2nd Class Nellie Farrant & Lieutenant Commander Alashanee Greystone & Lieutenant Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant Keri Kelea & Lieutenant JG Treyla Solwick & Lieutenant JG Izaro Chameer & Lieutenant JG Inarie Cade Ph.D. & Ensign Nicolette Blanchet & Warrant Officer T'Para


"Captain," called Petty Officer Second Class Nellie Farrant from the helm station. "We're approaching the anomaly."

Commander Yulin Rael had been sitting in the central command chair reading reports when he heard the announcement. "Understood, Ms. Farrant. Take us out of warp and park us one hundred thousand kilometers…

» Nice to finally meet you

Mission: What's Lost Is Found
Posted on 19 Mar 2019 @ 5:29am by Lieutenant Keri Kelea & Lieutenant JG Izaro Chameer

Keri was hungry, several hours of sitting alone in her small office helped her make up her mind to head to the mess hall to eat. She was less than a month into her pregnancy but she was already feeling the need to eat more regularly. Getting herself a tray…

» Dinner with the Nurse

Mission: What's Lost Is Found
Posted on 03 Mar 2019 @ 9:49am by Petty Officer 2nd Class Amelia Wilde & Commander Yulin Rael


Commander Yulin Rael has just finished his last briefing with his Yeoman before dismissing her for the evening. Though normally she would serve dinner, Crewman Westaway deserved an early night off, so he summoned another Crewman to serve as steward for tonight’s dinner with a crew member.

Though he…

» No Safeties: Muay Thai Style

Mission: Between the Pages
Posted on 23 Mar 2019 @ 7:40pm by Lieutenant Commander Alashanee Greystone & Lieutenant Leland Hawksley


LOCATION: Deck 03, Holodeck

Hawksley showed up outside the large doors to the holodeck wearing a pair of athletic shorts and a teeshirt. He wanted to be flexible and comfortable while he was sparing with Alashanee.

He was waiting and looked at the time. One minute to 2000 hrs.,…

» Dinner with the XO

Mission: Between the Pages
Posted on 23 Mar 2019 @ 12:25pm by Commander Yulin Rael & Crewman Lisa Westaway & Lieutenant Commander Alashanee Greystone

OOC: I said a while ago that I wanted to do dinner posts with the crew individually. Starting with XO! Lisa will cameo ;)


Commander Yulin Rael finished reviewing reports on the ship's operations as they sped towards the anomaly. He was surprised that over two weeks had passed…